Best documentation?

Ucglib, a universal TrueColor library for many display controllers for Arduino. Seriously, this thing’s documentation is fucking SICK. They include so many fonts on there, every single one is customizable and every customization is documented.

Worst documentation?

Probably the Objective-C syntax documentation, it’s DIABOLICAL, you have to, first of all, FIND IT. After that, you need to understand the shitty language.

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    Best documentation I've seen:
    - Hasura docs
    - Gatsby
    - Netlify

    Worst documentation I've seen:
    - Google gsuite, API, addon docs (everything is spread over a lot of different documentation locations, u need to read 4 websites to understand the whole details u need, some of the critical information is in support answer urls).

    -AWS documentation for some services, not all services (also sometimes spread over few urls, some old, some new; some of the wordings feels like I need a masters degree in English to decipher the real intent of the author; feels like some docs are written in a rush).
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