Does anyone have a really nice coffee shop in your city that opens in dawn time? I was looking for something like this in my city and I didn't find. Now I don't know if something like this is possible or it is just a dream.

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    It's called McDonald's lol
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    Let the good baristas sleep, good coffee is good for a reason, it's not made by teenage drones at mcd!
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    Excellent coffee shops are the bedrock of my city. Throw a rock and you'll find one open from dark til dark:30.

    Glasgow has one of my favorite though, just across the way from flat there.
    Old playstations, wood benches, very "shitty goth club" feel. I love it.
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    whats wrong with a 24/7 starbucks
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    @SortOfTested what a lovely coffee shop <3
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