Guys I just wanted to thank you for giving me motivation! I suffer from chronical depression and it's really hard for me to start something and even harder to continue. But by reading your posts I get joy and motivation! #thankyou #motivation #devRantsaveslifes

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    Eh, you are just like everybody else. Everyone goes through what you are going through now. Remember, it is just a matter of time
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    Keep going man, one day after another. Glad you are ok, and I hope to see you rants soon!
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    @jthm glad you are happy, best way to celebrate? We would like to see some rants!!
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    Keep going and good luck!
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    Just remember whether it's bad time or good time one day it will change. So keep smiling and enjoy the rants although I don't rant much but I do read 😀
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    Hashtags don't work on devrant right?
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