What do you guys and gals do or planing to do other than coding that makes you money?
Share your ideas.
I am learning to invest in stocks as a part time income stream.

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    Pretty hard to beat the market....I'd be wary of doing that beyond just with some fun money...
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    @N00bPancakes , i am just investing the cash i would usually blow partying with fare weather friends. Just a very small amount.
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    @AngryDev9981 ah that's ok then
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    Planning to run my own sw business. Someday :)

    getting there
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    @netikras , best of luck dude.
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    Pay mortgage
    Buy another apartment
    Rent first apartment
    Pay mortgage
    Rent second apartment
    Say fuck you to all the people
    Move and retire in 3rd world country or in the small village
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    Investing an ISA.
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    Nothing. Coding is the only skill I have except procrastination. I'm pro at procrastination
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    Muh startup, mostly coooding
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    Instead of company stocks you can consider buying physical stocks and do the typical buy and sell of goods. You can go to trade fairs and look for bargain items which if you double their price you know someone will still buy them. If you are in the US, there's this site called Slickdeals where you can check out bargains.

    I don't do this but if you are a good at and have the patience for cooking you could also sell food orders. Although trick is you have to give free tasting first to friends and families.

    But if you like coding and are confident with you skills, looking for freelance jobs might be for you.
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    Cryptocurrency investments. Not exactly saying what but until now I'm at least not losing money 😅
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