I am almost done with the recyclable Rant View structure, but now I understand the matters at hand.

Dynamic height UICollectionViewCell’s.

I am not even using UIKit, I’m using SwiftUI.

Welp, off to StackOverflow and days of UIViewRepresentables shenanigans.


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    This is something that I am probably not going to abandon, I’ll meep fighting on this because I want this to work. Look at the UI I developed, it’s worth it.
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    @F1973 When I drop something it has to be because of a ridiculous road block.

    For example, consider this:

    Basic multithreaded code working on a simulator but not on bare metal. IT HAPPENED TO ME AND I AM STILL THINKING ABOUT GOING BACK TO THAT PROJECT. I sat on this shit for too long and finally when it worked on the simulator, it didn’t work on my phone. I dropped it and I am still thinking if I should go back to that project.

    My motivation for the devRant rewrite is still not completely done for, and I am willing to take this to the booth.
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    @F1973 dude, I’m working on a problem related to multiple duplex streams that once where chunked and it randomly seeks random bytes even though the backtrack is plenty enough and I hate my life but I need to get this crap working and you’re telling me two weeks I’m so exhausted
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