Have children and build a house. You will forget what you enjoyed doing in your free time. Because you will not have any more!

P. S. I could have attached my github activity graph instead, but that is even more embarrassing 😭

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    Considering how many rant are posted every day, you left approximately for 13 and a half years.

    Welcome back, though
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    @Jilano your forgetting the 300 spam + downvoted memes every day
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    Having children is one of those things I just always knew I'd never do. I just can't. I guess it helps you build titanic patience though.
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    Did you actually build a house? If so I'm impressed.
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    Can attest to children eating all of your time.
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    @AlmondSauce Well, not exactly on my own ofc, but I did a fair amount of work myself. Otherwise it would have taken *years* to finish. However, I'm particularly proud that I drew the whole plan of the building. I started with a graph of rooms which I wanted to be interconnected and on the same floor, then drew several versions with pen and paper while balancing tons of requirements and constraints (terrain course of the hillside property, course of the sun, walking routes within the building, flexibility in exchanging function of some rooms in the future, minimization of wasted space such as hallways, considered the acoustic between certain rooms, etc...) , later with SolveSpace and finally built a small scale version with Lego bricks because my wife lacks some spacial imagination ðŸĪŠ. In addition, I have done everything you can do as a hobby craftsman.
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    @kraator Nice work! I'm impressed. I'd love to do that sort of thing, but doubt it'd ever be particularly feasible for me.
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    @kraator ðŸ˜Ŋ

    I am impressed!
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