I realized how overly complicated I wrote certain object oriented code a few months ago and now I have to work around it...

I over engineered it... I became the very developer I hate

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    👏👏👏 At least you realised that!!
    Most people have their heads up in the clouds about how good they are because they manage to sqeeze 2 ORMs, one baby ORM, 2much layers of abstraction & needless interfaces & oo concepts into one friggin 'should be small & straightforward' project.. 😠😠😠 Oh, and let's not forget stuff like 500 lines in a template file that creates 3 lines of actual code.. //sorry, I had to vent after a loooooong day of looking through this shit, trying to understand the reasoning behind it..
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    @sladuled that sounds god awful
    I meant a very isolated case, a class in a project that only I ever mess with felt a bit unnecessary

    I hacked something together and it works, but if I had the time I'd probably redesign it
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    @LotsOfCaffeine hahaha yup..
    It's like a list of examples of how something should not be done.. with all the varieties & flavours packed 'neatly' into one project 🤣🤣🤣
    Can't w8 to have a go from boss to rewrite this.. For now I have to settle with 'trying to make the master branch compile' again.. FML..
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    It's proper sad that you can basically screw with managers by giving SLoC as a metric of performance.
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    @3rdWorldPoison can't really screw with my managers since they're actually software engineers
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