GitHub: merge conflict in the readme document.
Me: I don’t care just skip it
GitHub: no go just use git to fix it

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    What’s do you mean with "skip"? You cannot just skip a merge conflict
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    It's like someone ask you at party if you want a glass of beer or vodka shot. There are some questions you cannot skip :)
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    And this folks is how git push --force was born.
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    - Can I have something to drink?

    - Sure! Tea, coffee, something else?

    - Just skip it and give me my drink!
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    Best merge conflict is where it can’t merge blank, indented lines. I’ve had so many of those with readme’s. it’s like git can’t be fucked
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    @err-occured Maybe. or it is just a software, not a human.

    It can't be fucked.
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    @mElonMusk I should have seen that a mile off 🤣🤣🤣

    I need sleep...
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    @Sumafu I mean like merge all the other files, don’t merge the readme file.
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    @TheAwesome98 So how should the readme file look after merge?
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    @gronostaj I mean you merge all the other files, but keep the readme the same as the one on my repository.
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    @TheAwesome98 How would git know that's what you want? Why not the other one? Why not a mix of both?

    Conflicts happen when a file is modified in both heads. And it's modified in both of them for a reason (why would someone modify a file for no reason?). Blindly preferring one head means undoing other head's changes. That's a recipe for problems.

    If you really want to do this, read "merge strategies" section of git-merge manual. But don't do this. People don't edit files for no reason. Your merge result must satisfy both of these reasons.
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