devRanters do you think this is feasible as a fun/learning devRant community side-project?

Possible community side project: 'devie Stressball Trans-OceanicTrackable Voyage': So, my idea is based on the 2,000 year old concept of a message in a bottle. In fact, bottles from the Titanic were found 100 years after it hit the iceberg.

Pseudo: we pack devie into a bottle along with maybe a Raspberry Pi,GPS module, solar battery... Hopefully, it could send pings and we could track the journey. I am more a software guy than a hardware guy but I have played a bit with Pi and I know a few devs good with Pi's.I will also talk to the folds at Adafruit.

Here is an interesting paper I found in my beginning research. http://netlab.tkk.fi/u/jo/...

Also, I have seen low cost Raspberry Pi cubesats powered in outer space by solar.

Please let me know your thoughts if you think this might be possible. Also, if some of you might be interested in taking this learning journey. If we decide to try it I will purchase the hardware. Looking forward to your thoughts. Love this community!

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