I. Hate. Windows. Apps. UGH.

I may never be able to play FS2020 from the Xbox Game Pass again as... Its unable to install, gives a helpful 0x1 error code, and the help page link goes to a 404.

Now, I caused this myself... Partially... Er, no, fully, but I had a good reason!

I wanted to install something larger again and didn't have enough disk space. Fired up WinDirStat and there was a huge, like... 45 GB file in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Somedir\

Googling around, I found some people saying its a temp file so that Windows Store could reserve enough space for the app instalation... Okay, so... It got stuck, and I had no way to remove it?

Of course I didn't want to remove all apps of the windows market... So, I did something any *sane* person would never do - Took ownership of the whole WindowsApps and gave myself full control. Then I removed the file and... FS2020 never launched again.

I couldn't even uninstall it! It would give me no error either. It just lagged and then did nothing.

I tried resetting all the ACLs, tried giving ownership back to TrustedInstaller, nothing worked. Failed on some of the files, wtf?

Launching the game only ever told me there was an update in progress.

Tried booting a windows iso image and fix the ACLs from there, nope, also failed for the same bunch of files of FS2020. (Permission Denied while on a live image? Wow)

Last resort, I booted up Linux and tried removing the offending folders from there, only to find out that... Huh. The NTFS module labelled the offending folders as... broken links leading to an "unsupported reparse point". But hey, it let me remove it at least.

Since then, it no longer appeared as installed, but... Now, anytime I want to install it, it just throws an error 0x00000001 with no further details.

So yeah, I know I caused this myself, but after fiddling with the permissions and ACLs and NTFS dark magic, I feel justified in saying - Fuck you WindowsApps DRM.

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    You might be able to salvage that with another clean Windows install or check if you can't restore something with the ISO.

    By the way, have you tried a system restore? (Never worked for me personally, but who knows)
    Might have some luck completely removing the site and installing it again (there's a script on GitHub that could help).

    PS: I remember losing all privileges a long time ago as a domain admin, so I feel you.
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    You just don't know how to cook them.
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    Can't you unistall & reinstall the Store with some PowerShell magic?
    At least you can do this with some preinstalled Windoozle apps like Candy Crush...
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    @PonySlaystation Yes

    How to uninstall the store:
    Get-AppxPackage *windowsstore* | Remove-AppxPackage

    How to install:
    Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers| Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}
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    @PonySlaystation yes and no. I already tried using powershell originally to uninstall the game, it displayed a progress bar and everything but did not remove it.
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    @Aldar Hence why he suggested removing the entire store ;)
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    @Jilano out of desperation, I did do a full Get-AppxPackage | Remove-AppxPackage then reinstalled them all. Nop. Was one of the first steps actually.

    Nothing worked. I even did a complete system reset while keeping user data... Nope.

    Tried fixing permissions back to either sysyem or trustedinstaller... Nop. Uninstall and reinstall? Nop. Purge cache? Nop. Troubleshooting? Nop...

    I now appreciate Linux much more. At least in that environment, the apps bloody tell you what they want, or what went wrong! Here? Nop. No error, no logs I could find. Even lauching it from a bloody powershell window yielded nothing!

    So... Last resort fix it was then - a complete system wipe and reinstall... That fixed it. And hey, at least I realized I've been using Windows Education edition, even now, more than 2 years out of school! Can't activate it anymore, because I don't have access to the school email... Ugh.
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    @Aldar Welp, at least we both learnt something, eh?

    Since you're starting from scratch, lay I recommend using the LTSC version? You should be good for a few years and won't risk an SSD wipe with an update.
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