Last check on Deno is 3 months ago, now it's really gaining traction. Benchmarks are comparable with node.js now, curious if it will be going for rust-level performance.

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    Rust-level performance

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    Nice! It's one of the things I have on my "next things to try out"-list.
    At least for now, ts-node has been really useful. 😄
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    @lamka02sk #nopunintended
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    @PonySlaystation Startup time of ts-node is a thing. I recently ported all our build tools from ts-node to pure node, that alone reduced the pipeline durations by 15%.

    You know what, the vision that Deno being the Golang in the js/ts world is really appealing.
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    I wish there was some decent bundler on Deno 💯🤓
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    @vintprox trex is worth a play
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    @lechuckles wait a second... Just found out that deno CLI has out-of-the-box bundling, haha. Now, that's interesting!
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    I've been looking at Deno for a while now, just from the sidelines.

    If things keep going like they are, I might start using it for my next chatbot ;O
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    @vintprox welcome to the party!

    @lechuckles Arweave is interesting!
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    @FinlayDaG33k I may start my own project too, when I figure out how Deno wants users to do clustering and IPC. But it is fun for small builds already!
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    Deno isn't going to get Rust performance, but it does have Go style tooling and standard library!

    It's a Brave New World!
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    Rust performance will improve as WebAssembly matures.
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    @theuser I may want to inform you that Rust can be compiled to WASM.

    idk the performance hit, but hey...
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