They said if I haven't heard back by Friday, I must reach out cause they pretty busy so might not get to reaching out. Thursday evening now. Was hoping to hear back earlier in the week though I knew that's unlikely. Going to email them if I haven't heard anything by 11 tomorrow

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    Check my last 2 posts.

    And while 2 different experiences from 2 different companies, a friend just reached out saying the resume he submitted on my behalf 2 weeks ago has long been shortlisted and they are waiting for someone's availability to schedule an interview and they haven't yet notified me. Lol

    And one other HR was suppose to respond last Friday but I am being patient. It's a waiting game especially in WFH because folks are more busy than ever.

    Just like other friends here are motivating me, I'll pass that to you. Keep pushing bro. We'll be there soon.
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    @F1973 Thanks man. There's just so much variance between places. I've interviewed at tonnes of places over the course of my career so far and I still never really know what to expect. You can never really know what a place will be like until you deal with them. Thanks for the support. I'll defs be posting again tomorrow either way, so here's hoping
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    @TheBeardedOne getting a job is the most random process ever.
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    @F1973 I'll drink to that
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