*me searching for jobs*
*types in 'junior backend developer'*

First result:
Junior Frontend Developer.

*big facepalm*

Yeah I understand that it might just be some kinda algorithm that filters on words or whatever but the irony was real!

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    Plottwist: The backend devs did that on purpose to protect their jobs!
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    Me as someone who has had neither front nor backend experience, a backend programmer is always a senior. I think having to deal with all those stuffs needs pretty serious skills.
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    @BlurryFace5178 Depends on what you deal with exactly. i can't do any front end really but from backend code to servers, yeah I can do a lot but that's because i do that stuff nearly full-time at home (since I was 15, 22 now) :).
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    @linuxxx Damn dude 😂😂
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    @BlurryFace5178 whaaaat?
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    @linuxxx The "nearly full-time at home (since I was 15, 22 now)" part 😂
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    @BlurryFace5178 Yup! Not kidding even haha. I've been completely into servers/backend since then!
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    @linuxxx Thats awesome! I had no idea those things existed when I was 15. Neither had access to the internet.
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    @BlurryFace5178 Damn haha! What's your age if I may ask?
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    @linuxxx I'm 19 now and a noob 😂
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    @BlurryFace5178 D'awhh I honestly just finished my study!
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    @linuxxx Thats great! You must be getting great jobs! Interviews and meeting new people can be a pain but the freedom of leaving college must be overwhelming! 😊
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    It's the same old shit; backend, frontend, upend, downend, westend, eastend ...

    Just know your programing style, architecture, patterns, testing tools, logging, analytics and debuging tools
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