It is as if this community is not too large.

It's always the same people commenting and posting rants

We can even count them

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    People come and go every so often, but part of the appeal (for me anyway) is it being kinda a small community. I wouldn't be too interested if it was just another reddit.
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    Blah blah blah blah dunbar's number blah blah blah.
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    I guess it would feel more real if we were uncountable.
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    Never underestimate the amount of people lurking in the shadows. Not posting, not commenting, but all-seeing.
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    Since you are ranting about the platform, you can add devRant tag.
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    It's more like a group chat
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    So... How many in total? Have you counted them? I'm curious

    PS: We chose the right ones, though, just to be able to to cover most timezones.
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    @AlmondSauce definitely I love the size of the community and I’ve definitely had breaks and noticed others were on breaks and it’s relaxing to know we can all do that and come back without a problem.

    @specialCardinal this. There are so many users that just don’t post/comment and they can’t be ignored.
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    @Bubbles yep. In fact I'm one of those people. I'm 4 years old in this community, and yet I have less than 100 posts and comments combined. I also take long breaks, even now (just checking things here a little bit). Man does it feel nostalgic to realize that former active members aren't around anymore.
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    @specialCardinal yeah some leave and eventually come back but it is what it is
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    But most of those few keep changing :-(
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    @hubiruchi That's because there's a limit that can't be reached if you don't want to risk some serious issues , hence why some people agree to leave to allow others to come.
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    @hubiruchi I said too much. @C0D4 if you're still here, please explain it to him.
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    @hubiruchi it is the way, all good things must come to an end.

    There's probably <100 highly active... let's call them ranters, beyond that you enter the casuals, and then then shadow lurkers. if that "active" number were to increase to far, this place would end up with more content the people to participate, turning it into a Reddit style community, where as having that number low, there's a steady flow of content and a hell of a lot of participation.
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