Does anybody else feel a little sad when reading rants or negative comments concerning frameworks you've used a lot or maybe even more in case you're still using them?

In my particular case I just read some comments tackling Angular - and I do not want to say, that those comments aren't justified. We're currently living in a more than ever fast-paced front end framework world and Angular is simply not state of the art anymore.

So I do not want to start a "what's the best framework" discussion here, that's not my intention.

This is more about the feeling you get when you've built a lot of stuff using a framework, maybe you have still projects running on this framework or even contributed.
Either you do not have the time to switch to another framework yet or you're even still somehow satisfied with the way they're working.

However - reading all this negative stuff about such a framework is sometimes not that easy.

..or am I just some kind of strange, sentimental developer guy? ;D

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    I feel you, I have trouble with most forms of this negativity but then I remember that this community is called devRANT.

    Those people just want to let off some steam this way.
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    @ChappIO absolutely true, maybe I should stress this: Didn't want to blame anyone! :) This platform is made for rants, as you say, and it's great and the community is simply great as well!

    It's just an irrational feeling coming up sometimes when reading about a framework I'm somehow connected to! ;)
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    @OrangeClyde not a single framework is perfect ;) it just depends on which values you hold.

    You like working with a particular one? Good! Use it.

    If it is a popular framework then jobs are plenty and help is wonderful. If it is not then you will be an expert on a narrow field. All good outcomes :)
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    I use PHP a lot, I work on Windows, I used to create many sites using Drupal and also a few with WordPress, etc...

    However, I don't feel anything bad about others rants, sometimes it's even funny when you know it's true (:

    Everyone has their own poison I guess.
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    As some one who is struggling with ng2 for couple months now, just want to say this;

    ng-killmenow ng-killme ng-endme ng-fml
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    Getting to know a framework you invest a lot of yourself in terms of time and effort - it isn't surprising that you develop an attachment. I recall back in the 1970s reading that Wordstar users were fiercely attached to it purely because it was so hard to learn - having invested that much time and effort they wanted to protect the investment. Interesting bit of psychology I think
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    @OrangeClyde is your name pacman related? ^^
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    I work at an insurance company that still writes some COBOL and Assembly on the Mainframe. However, the company has clearly stated over the next so many years they are wanting to move as much to .NET on the server as possible.

    Just think about how all of the Mainframe developers that are currently employed that have invested 30 years into COBOL and Assembly.
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    If this is a problem for you, then you should learn to ignore the people that doesn't agree with you. I mean, there will always be people not agreeing with you.

    People don't tend to know enough about stuff before opening their mouth anyway. They just follow what everyone else are saying. In other words - fuck people and what they think. If you like a framework (or anything else for that matter), then just continue using it!
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    @TurnItOffAndOn it is indeed :)

    All the others: really appreciate your opinions and advices!
    Generally it's really just a feeling coming over me sometimes, not happening too often though! However, I was curious if this just happens to me or too some of you as well! :)
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