lord knows I have missed devrant. my dad dragged me away on business. the hardest part was parting with my PC. I felt it.........

we buy cashew nuts and have them exported for this random Chinese lady. tried discussing about computers to the village boys but none of them understand anything. everyone is surprised I have a whole computer to myself at home, most have never seen any and just nod their heads like they understand 😂😂😂.
my dad wants me to be a produce exporter I keep hearing things like "there's a lot of money here, if you want to start on your own I'll support you". but then it's hard for him to drop a penny so I can buy a proper PC that is used(I just needed something efficient). I kinda feel like this struggle will make my success story much more interesting but then, what if I dont succeed?

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    Get middle class or die trying.
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    I don’t think the emojis are needed. It’s okay for people to not know or have things.
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    Business has ups and downs. Having a backup income source like skills you can earn from can be one. If you really like computers and also considering business then maybe there is a way to merge them. Do online selling? Perhaps create your own website or use existing online selling platforms to market your product.

    Succeeding is a combination of hard work and some luck. At some point you just have to start rather than keep thinking of the what ifs.
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