Now I see why people think "medium" is trashy...
Medium writer: [writes 2 mins-read-article with 6 unrelated gifs on how to implement an extension to a framework.]
Random user: [ uses guidance from post to implement the solution, but was met with errors]
Random user: I have used this your guidance and another but...[ random user paste error]
Medium writer: I am not sure, ... I haven't been working.
like serious, you shouldn't write an article of something you don't know about dude!

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    What it boils down to for me, is when I came up (back in the stone age, goddamn whippersnappers and your goddamn dogs and cell phones and crabcrabgrumblegrumble), there was a barrier to entry to publication that lent some degree of credibility to professional authoring.

    The elimination of that barrier to entry has added so much noise to the signal for so long that people can't even tell the difference between valuable information and dunning-kruger shitposting/mosaic plagiarism riddled with errors.
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    @SortOfTested That's an unfortunate truth of our time of probably one of the worst issue with social media. Some people "think" that having an opinion is worth more than studying a field for 10 years.
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    Honestly whenever I learn someone posted an article on medium my opinion of them as a developer takes a hit ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
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    @Jilano this is why stack overflow, despite its reputation as a hostile place still is a pretty good source.

    If an answer has been upvoted it usually is mostly correct, and any errors are usually pointed out in comments.

    Meduim is not as reliable.
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    @Voxera Agreed. I wouldn't post on it still, but you can trust it a bit more. Still important to understand what you're doing, though, as well as checking the dates!
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    @Elyz Hahaha. I felt the same way about a senior developer in our company. He's very talented but then I found out that he publishes articles on Medium. Now I'm a little confused. Still a talented dev but.. *sigh*
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    @rutee07 well, individual medium articles can be good, its just that there are no built in help to determine which, you have to know enough to judge the article your self.
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    @Jilano I have quite a lot of both questions and answers on SO, with a current score around 7K and as long as you do a good search, try to describe the problem in a detailed manner, remember SO’s goal is not just to be a forum for getting answers but rather as a place of knowledge.

    This means questions should be specific, well described, preferably with good examples so others that find the question can understand if it matches their problem.

    The tone should be friendly and you should use spellcheck.

    And if someone claims it to be a duplicate and you disagree, be specific in why the referred question is not the same.

    It can be a bit toxic if you are unlucky but once you have a few questions and answers behind you you often get it a bit easier since your score indicates you have “proved” your self.
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    I get what @rutee07 means though. My husband sent me an article written by his company's front end lead. It was... disappointing on many fronts. He's a good enough guy we've had drinks with on occasion, but his writing was rambling and failed to make it's point.
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    @SortOfTested being good at something and being good at explaining is unfortunately not the same thing.
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    They are all shit!

    *deletes Medium account*
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    @rutee07 hey! I publish in medium too ๐Ÿ˜ค
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    My employer will encourage seniors to write medium articles in order to get higher bonuses.
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    If someone is really passionate about writing, they should create their own blog. There are good writers on Medium, but most are just bad.
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    And they dare to publish it as premium article๐Ÿ˜‚
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    So you expect the author of an article to debug every issue that readers face? How is that even feasible?

    I don't have any high regard for medium either, but this ain't a valid reason.
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