Stuck at some dumb company event where attendance is mandatory. I'm supposed to answer technical questions if needed, but I suck at socializing with customers, and the sales guys are already chatting people up about the products I've developed so I don't have anything left to talk about. Not that anyone asks much about the tech behind the shiny GUI anyway...

Should i just leave? I doubt anyone would notice...

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    @g-m-f asking the important questions!
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    @g-m-f hmmm, yes there is.. ^^
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    Problem solved
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    Hang in there. Even if you don't socialize. Otherwise it will come back to you later.
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    have a couple of beers and you'll start socializing like never before :-)
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    It's just knowing that I have to stick around all these social monkeys (not fair, nor nice, I know - just the somewhat cranky mood I'm in) when I could be coding instead! I could be useful instead of wasting so much time..

    (And even though I know it's normal, it's kinda sad watching sales take credit for the products all the time.)
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    @arminiae and is there free beer?
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    @d4ng3r0u5 yes, there is..
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    We had one of those a few weeks back. I have a collegue at the technical department who does all the talking (and he even likes it) and i could just carry on programming for the most part :)
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