FFS! Some of my friends convinced me to get Instagram half a year ago despite me absolutly hating it. And now I apparently have a stalking problem at my hand cause of it.
Not that some of my friends would stalk me but some brain damaged dude I had the unfortunate pleasure to meet four years ago. Had blocked him back then but he somehow found my account despite no personal info on it.

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    Would share screenshits but they are in german and probably would cause me more problems.
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    How about... Deleting the damn Instagram account and the application all together?
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    Yep, yep, social media encourages creeps. I don't use my real name on mine and never upload a selfie. I like Instagram for sharing and viewing pictures from people around the world but that's pretty much it. I don't follow anyone I know in person. Too many people are fucked up in the head. They have nothing better to do than stalk.
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    @iiii What Four said. Especially if you have no interest in it
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    IG is the very definition of corporate make a profit out of stalking and FOMO.
    The basic idea is to show a "made up" life, and let stalker (other ppl) watch it....
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    @iiii Already did!
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    Give your phone to someone else, and have them call the dude face to face (you can do that via IG nowadays) and make sure he gets the message that the account isn't yours. He probably has seen mutual friends and has guessed who you might be.
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    Also, make you account private and disable messages from anyone but people you follow.
    I've been stalked enough throughout my life to know deleting your account is them winning by harassing you into solitude. You just have to stop the ways they can contact you. Build your own walls. 😜
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    Can confirm. I've used @NoMad multiple times to protect me from unwanted attention. It's always nice to remind people they could get into trouble (i.e getting broken knees) if they keep bothering those they shouldn't.
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    I too had this type of problem but now, I have taken up a pledge of not involving in the social trash for 100 days. I am currently in day 98.
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    You failed at day 98
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    Wait till you have 'fanclubs'..

    I know of at least two for me.
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