Do you think I would any confused looks, laughs, or compliments from these stickers? 😂

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    I like the GitHub one, but I'd say the three together send the wrong message
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    Thanks, I think the GitHub one is my favorite. The other two are i haven't put on my laptop but I know what you mean.
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    no thank you, I'd rather pay for my sex like a true gentleman
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    I don't understand how free software is better
    I mean if that's true then why aren't they all free?

    Also let's say I'm developing an app, I spend a lot of time and effort (and I really mean a lot) in it. Honestly, I expect to earn something after deployment, I can't use an open-source model.
    I'm confused ^^'
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    @Axel406 I know, it's just a tongue in cheek joke about open source software. I pay for software to and know it's hard work.
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    My man, these stickers are plain future cringe material. You do you tho.
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    @Axel406 I even did not make my application open source because the effort I'm putting in it is 10 times more than I put livin' my life . I love my efforts and obviously I expect to get something in return of it. And I barely see any free software that is good except vscode.
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