Why the hell am I 200% more productive at 2 am? Makes literally no sense. I JUST WANT TO CODE LIKE THIS IN THE MORNINGS

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    The soothing quiet of the night.
    The solitude of undisturbed coding at 2am.
    Pure joy.
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    This is me too. There is just something about the late hours where no one will interrupt you
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    I wish I could ++ this twice
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    Nothing else to do
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    Dark mode
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    It's soo quiet at 2 am, it's the only time i can actually hear myself think
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    @heyheni you write the best haiku.
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    Finally, a good green dot rant
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    Well, it is 2 in the morning
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    @theabbie speaking of, your last post was like three months ago, and your threads are actually funny. What happened, and where'd you go wrong?
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    @Wisecrack I discovered that commenting on other rants is much more fun, also, I have left bot-making, so, nothing left to rant, except Memes, which I hate.
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    @theabbie lol it's my first day here.. and it's almost 2 am
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    @theabbie "so, nothing left to rant, except Memes, which I hate."

    See this is like origin story material though. How did you start out on the path to underwater volcano lab bill-gates-block-the-sun-out-for-shits-and-giggles levels of supervillainy?

    "I hated memes. And slowly through the fridged ages and aeons in my dreamless sleep, I stirred from my ancient slumber, to once again surface that humanity may know my hatred."

    I mean you won't surpass the infamy of the-guy-with-a-tiny-mustache-who-must-not-be-named or probably elon musk and the doge-coin massacre, but you can't let your schemes be dreams!

    Also, don't do leotards. Not even lex luthor wears those anymore. That guy doesn't even get invited to parties like he used to. Not even zuckerbergs-grilling-and-smoking-some-meats parties, and shit, no one but his clones and gholas attend those anyway.
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    @GravesRoot ah, youth, wasted but not forgotten! We were all humble greendots at one point.

    Eh, shit. Just noticed. Still am.
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    I wish I could live my life at night
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    Because of chemicals building up in your head. Some of them are utilized slower than others, making your mood different by evening because they accumulate. Chances are you have some kind of disorder that belongs to affective spectrum. Chances are you are usually smarter than ballpark
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    It’s quiet your brain has no distractions there are no temptations but sleep

    When I was a happy night owl I was the same
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