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    Me: "hey google, what is a shit post?"

    G: "A shit post is a post that is of poor quality, such as this one."
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    7 sources of income... That's not the same as 7 businesses.
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    Also I think there's a typo on the insta tag... Shouldn't it be @businessbullshit?

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    Jokes aside, what they don't tell you is that successful people are industrious people, people that work hard, very hard. Jordan Peterson, Lord of the Lobsters, has a lecture on that, don't remember the name tho, just look for "jordan peterson success" and you'll probably find it.
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    I am trillionaire
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    @Stuxnet @vane give my some million bucks
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    @sujayks I don’t have spare change
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    Let's just hope that the working businesses are not the last 7 that you try.

    Joke aside, this is one of the best advices to give to someone willing to do business :

    Allow yourself to fail (but don't use it as an excuse)
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    They could've picked so many people to portrait in this meme but they picked a guy from a gangster series. So fucking random 😂
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