Now I see the big picture.

One year ago I was focused on food and things like that and I was happy. Some time later I was focusing on comfort with all that wireless chargers and fancy things, now I’m focusing on privacy.

Looks like a classic Maslow scheme to me. I think my departure to a different country is inevitable.

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    Gay in russia, I'm rather surprised you had any plans to stick around at all.
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    @SortOfTested there is no gay hunt in Russia. Some of my friends are also not straight and never had any problems.

    One of my lgbt friends were raped in Europe though because of rainbow thing they were wearing
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    Banning your right to assemble, discuss your issues and the latest attempt to ban gay marriage constitutionally doesn't really feel like the direction is in your favor.

    Not rounding you up is definitely a positive though, even if it's not a high bar. 😆
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    @SortOfTested I’m not arguing that Russia is a terrible place to be gay. I’m just saying that the real situation differs vastly from the situation portrayed by the media
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    @uyouthe People from USA love their stereotypes about Russia.
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    @uyouthe @irene
    People from other countries love to stereo type anyone from USA as mindless simpletons who don't get foreign newspapers.
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    @SortOfTested You tried to convince someone that they are being oppressed after they said they weren’t. It does seem like you are ignoring a first hand account and prioritizing belief in a media source.
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    If that's what you got out of it, you're not reading what I wrote.
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