When I suddenly realize that I’m already not hungry while I’m eating, I just stop eating no matter if I finished the dish or not.

Have you ever eaten like a pig and then regretted it because you’re full to the point when you can barely breathe? Well, I never felt like that since I decided not to overeat.

Smartest decision I’ve ever made.

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    Yup. When I go to a place with food by weight payment I tend to take more food than I actually need (like, a kilogram of food).

    Well, I'm thin as a broom so it does not really matter if I overeat occasionally.
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    @iiii a kilogram of food, or a kilogram of feathers? ;) lol
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    @ScribeOfGoD like, I fucking need two salads, a side dish, two big cutlets, a lime tea and a fucking coconut napoleon cake. Basically two full plates of edible stuff (+ a small one with the cake)

    And then my tummy is like: Hey, let's take a bit less of all the shit next time, m'kay?
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    I agree for "regular food", but it's not the sale with raclette and fondue *drools*

    The pain is worth it.
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    @Jilano you bouba swine
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    @uyouthe No idea what that means, and I'm too hungry to look for it :D
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    @Jilano and tartiflette and fondue.

    basically any dish from the Alps are worth overeating
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    @penless Yes! Finally someone with good taste
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