Ok for all everyone getting slammed by assmaster... Let's play his game. Can we downvote it to negative?

Yes I posted on my main so using my alt... Yea...

I remembered I still have this name reserved :)

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    You'll get downvote banned, it will not work.
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    @rutee07 seems like it yea... But whatever you're him also has a limit? And well if he's showing everyone one. I think# users * 10 >3,000
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    @rutee07 that’s a thing, i downvoted all his shit as spam.
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    @RTRMS it's back to 3,023...I think devrant is actually getting hacked...
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    @donuts looks like the top dogs are on it, all his shit from my feeds gone now.

    It’s annoying how some awesome have a space for devs to bitch in a place they would be understood and then you get some entities tit who feels they deserve to mess with it.
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