I had good support.

I got access to a computer at 10 when my mother brought home the ones they used for education to avoid them being stolen

That was a couple of sinclair ZX80

I the got to go to 5 different programming courses over the next 4 years before being able to get a summer job at 14 to by my own spectravideo 128.

At 1) I started teaching through mother job and at 18 I wrote my first commercial program for my father.

I am now 50 and still in the business:)

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    Woah, quite a read!

    Mad respect for a senior dev..
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    What was your mother teaching?
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    @electrineer languages, french and german.

    But she also worked with administration and the company had just started with computer courses.

    This was 1980 and the ZX80 was brand new.
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