What the world would be like without Stack overflow or a like pages?

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    Someone else would just make stack overflow.
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    Almost identical.
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    Black and white, because, I'm colorblind.
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    If we didn't have Stackoverflow, someone would recreate it ASAP. Or we would be posting questions to Yahoo! questions.
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    It didn’t exist before and we got along just fine.
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    @Root exactly this, we even managed to write code without it
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    Imagine a world without a giant community of neck beards.... oh that was only 20 odd years ago, the tech industry managed fine before it.

    Now imagine that same world, writing software without that community... just imagine... you might actually know what your writing, instead of copy/pasting shit that doesn't even work for your purpose.
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    At this point the only use I have for SO is to copy bits of code I'm too lazy to remember, without it I guess I'd just make a list of those and save it somewhere...
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