I didn't set out to be a dev.. so not much support dev wise, but in general loads.

I dropped out of uni, went back home to avoid paying rent and at least get some form of education.. here parents are obliged to take care of kids until they finish schooling but still.. they could've bitched about me dropping out. They were just concerned I wouldn't be employable without any kind of education and with lesser grade.. anyhow, I probably wouldn't be where I am if I continued wasting their money trying to finish uni when I wasn't motivated enough (still huge problems with ocd so at that time and it was too overwhelming).
I had a plan to finish this along the job when I can afford it but the courses are for regular students only..so no way I could attend them..
Anyhow, I am information science engineer by profession (if that is even how it translates to english), should be taking care of network & computer administration..yet here I am maintaining, bugfixing & developing most 'hated' projects at this firm & I love it!!
So yeah, I hope parents are proud of me..have to ask them though..

Some details in here somewhere: https://devrant.com/rants/2870913/...

edit: typoooooossssss

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