about 18 years of "oh, you made this? that's nice, but don't you want to do/learn something you'll actually get paid for instead?" as a reaction to any game prototype i made and showed them. until i got my first programming job. after that, silence and pretending the previous 18 years never happened (except the since forever running "joke" of "oh, you're not going to finish it anyway").

also, the one time i begged my (dtp/graphic artist) mom to draw me some backgrounds for my game, because at least one time in my life i wanted to not have to work on a thing completely alone, it took about three months of begging and convincing, upon which she finally said "ok, i'll try", and after another month, and one unfinished image that i estimate took about an hour to make, she told me "sorry, i don't think i can make what you need".

also some years of having "maximum 2 hours of computer time per day, unless it's the weekend" rule.

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    Heeeey another kid who grew up with limited computer time. Absolutely rude, lmao.
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    @Elyz I know right? It's winter, you're stuck in the apartment. Better not touch that PC.
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    @theKarlisK "yOu CaN gO pLaY oUtSiDe"
    Nevermind the fact all my friends were playing together online :(
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    @Elyz or nevermind that the computer is my only friend
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