It's always fun to see some less experienced folks struggle with the shell :D

- quotes (single/double)
- subshells (and lost updates)
- variable substitutions (#, ##, %, %%, /, //)
- environments vs variables
- associative arrays' limitations

and many more ways to drive the person crazy :)

I remember the times when I used to spend days-weeks over some problem - only because I didn't know how shell works. But it was worth it :)
Now I can watch others be tortured in the shell because they refuse to listen to my advice :popcorn:

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    Provide advice. Every time I have to do something in the shell I look around, ask if anyone knows how the fuck to do this and nobody ever does so we end up hacking something rough together that definitely could've been done better.
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    @Elyz I do :) every time.
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    @netikras I'll be sure to ask you next time 😂
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    Same is for me with Regex. It's been over 4 years now working intensively with them and they sometimes still don't make sense to me.
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    @3rdWorldPoison Eck! Peace of cake, yum yum

    @Elyz Hey so *this* bash script doesn’t work on Linux 2.3, can you help?
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    Or you know, use a language that's actually based on sane design and not design by accretion by people who have no business designing languages.
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