Fuck you Twillio.
You bought a perfectly good email service (SendGrid) and now this service is just.. failing.
All of theirs Ips are getting blacklisted. Our clients are calling us (Of course they are).
People cannot reset passwords, cannot get ANY email notification.
Right now, SendGrid is blacklisted by majority of anti spam systems.
Twilio, fuck you again. This service we were using for more than 5 years without ANY problem. Twilio fucked up.
Fuck you Twlio again. And when we create a “critical” ticket, all you have to say is “Meehhh we’ll contact you in a week” ? REALLY ? Even Microsoft contacts us in 2 hours for critical problems.
Sorry it needed to come out.

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    Meanwhile twilio is like:
    "What's a 'spamhaus?' can't we just blast this shit like we do with SMS? Nah, just keep sending it out, we get paid by the message."
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    @SortOfTested It’s more twisted than that.
    So we have an account on SendGrid for the past 6 years with 25.000 emails / month limit. Domain reputation is at 99%. All domain setup is done.
    As we do not have dedicated Ip, we are sharing it with “other users”.
    I think Twillio forced SendGrid to merge too many IP sending addresses. So of course, you have at least ONE spamming. Which is basically blacklisted by major anti spam systems (Synaptic, Norton etc).
    As we work in B2B, 90% of our clients are using one or another antispam system. Soooo We are fucked. And no, I do not have motivation and time to switch to another provider as we use SendGrid templates and other functions.
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    Sounds about like the scenario I posited. Blistering incompetence and disregard for your customers.

    That's why I only use things backed with AWS SES. Not only is that team exceptional and on-point, they will spread the load and balance your send so you don't end up getting blocked.
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    @SortOfTested Yeah but in this case, your web service does not matter. What matter is the actual IP address of your SMTP server. Our web servers are fine ;p
    And (I just googled AWS SES) they do not do that.
    In Azure (We are using for this app), the only option for sending emails is… third party app (Including SendGrid, but there are others)
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    Lol, sure. I only worked closely with the team at AWS, so far be it from me to argue with google search results as to the internal processes for running the message clearinghouse.

    It's not like they handle the billion-scale email load that happens on prime day in addition to their normal load without getting anyone blacklisted or reducing capacity. Rinky-dink bunch of fucks. :p
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    @SortOfTested I didn’t say that 😊 My point is “There is no point and click email service using that infra. To my knowledge.
    They are doing very good job, but I do not want to administer a server. Even less SMTP server. I want it to be “managed” for me.
    I don’t even want to have SSH access. I want it to be “just running”
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    @SortOfTested you had me at rinky dink 😊

    I don't know how AWS manages to do it, but to have what appears to be a single SMTP server spitting out billions of emails a day and not get blacklisted, I have nothing but the highest admiration for that 😍

    Ps: this comment is sponsored by an AWS user.
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    @C0D4 If you're AWS, you got clout.

    SES is fab. I don't touch anything else these days when using email. Bloody cheap for what it is too.
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    We went with AWS SES for out ten million emails/month
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    @AkshayTolwani I'll check that :)
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