I love the job hunt, just thinking about ending my life everyday now. Maybe I'm just a bad programmer - or just completely dumb.

Anyone have any advice on getting front end developer jobs?

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    Do you have any examples or sites to show?

    Do you have a profile on linkedin and github.

    I know linked in is often frowned upon but if you have no other offers its better than nothing.

    Try to describe thing you have done and tech you know. And if you have some github repos to link to it will make your profile more interesting to recruiters.

    Also make sure to follow some groups of the tech you list as you know on linkedin.

    If you are lucky it might find people you have some connection with to start building your own network.

    Yes many offers are low quality but even a low quality position is a merit for the next one, and the one after that.
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    I am not a dev and I believe I have decent skills with backing data/facts and projects to justify them.

    I am seeing people with lesser skills easily hopping jobs and earning 3X my salary and I still struggle to make a single switch.

    While I am at a very low point in life, I am not thinking to end my life because I have dependents and believe this too shall pass.
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    If they want you, negotiate a good salary, your professional category is weaker at it than backend developers, at least here in Italy
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    @Voxera thank you much for the incouragement and advice.
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