>Do you speak Latin?
>Yes ofc
>Wow! Tell me something in Latin
>"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...."
> :O

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    Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres..
    And that's all I remember from 6 years of latin class
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    @SilentCoder I read 6 years of latin and immediately knew that you were from Germany. I am in my fifth year :/
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    Mihi nomen est Daniel. Quod nomen tibi est?
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    at velit suus 'verum, quod non est?
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    fiat lux
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    ergo proxy
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    To be fair I don't think anyone "speaks" Latin. The farthest I've seen people go is learning it for years to be able to translate old texts, but not even trying to speak it fluently as a second language (it wouldn't really make much sense)
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    Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus
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    Expecto Patronum

    Oh that's not Latin .. eh .. whatever.
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    Ceterum censeo carthaginem esse delendam
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    @Mephenor haha yep, I don't know latin
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    @404response @SilentCoder year 9 and just one more year latin
    But I only (only haha) had to do 5 years (year 6-10)
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    @IliasIB yep.
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    @IliasIB Yep :D first sentence of Bellum Gallicum
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    Lore ipsum text is in fact not grammatically correct and doesn't really make any sense, that at least I was told by a Latin teacher.
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    Semper in excretia sommus; solim profundum variat...
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