Dahh. I wish 10 gig nics were standard, or at least way more common.

Being stuck with gigabit is a tad ridiculous in this day and age, it's maxed out by the average speed of a damn spinning disk.

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    Nics are unfortunately more common than consumer routers. We're getting there though.
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    You mean dedicated ones or the ones built into your motherboard?

    Addon cards are easy and relatively cheap to come by. For motherboards you got the shop for the pro versions. Not your gaming maximus formula fuck me on the ass shit. Nah the the professional shit that looks like it was made 20 years ago.

    The bigger problem is your infrastructure around that. Suddenly you need glass fiber transceivers, switches that support.

    And don't even start with 10G over RJ45. Go for SFP+ right away. (cheaper in the long run)
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    @fuckwit The ones built into motherboards, mainly. I'd quite like to see an sfp+ slot being provided as standard, but I feel we're a way off yet.

    Add-in cards are great and all, until you're working with a mini itx / nuc build or similar with limited or no pci-e slots - and those types of platforms are ever more common.
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    I recently bought a Asus SPF+ Networking card for like 50USD

    And with a relatively cheap mikrotik switch everything flies
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    @Linux This is it - the switches are reasonably priced now, as are the nics, but there's no common onboard solution - it all requires expansion cards. For my full size desktop machines that's fine - just whack a card in there. For mini itx machines that takes up very valuable space, and for others like NUCs there's basically no option at all.

    I throw a rare plus point to Apple here for offering it for a reasonable price on the Mac mini - though even then I'd prefer sfp+ rather than a hard wired rj45.
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