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    And you couldn't even see your one monitor because sunlight... and we melt in the sun.
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    Also power outlet to charge laptop if your using laptop.

    I always wish trees had power sockets.
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    Summer? Nice out?
    You must live in the tropics.

    It's fucking 115°f/46°c (or hotter) here in the summer
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    No idea how good they are, but I've always considered getting one for exactly this.
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    @Ashkin Toronto actually haha
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    Nice repost from reddit
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    @KeirDavis1 got it from a friend. Can't say where he got it.
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    Check out reddit.com/r/ProgrammerHumor for Devrant stuff but a day earlier, better quality people and none of this weekly rant shit
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    @KeirDavis1 I'll check it out, but I like the community here. That weekly rant shit is shit I can relate to most of the time.
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    About 50°c in summer. don't try this here :D
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    @lukaroski That's basically DevRant. Recycled garbage or people complaining about shit they've fucked up with which wouldn't have happened if they'd grown a pair.
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