I just got my first mac and trying to get used to it after coming from Ubuntu. What are some cool tools and utilities you guys use which can make this transition smoother and maybe increase productivity?

P.S. Just downloaded Amethyst and used it for the first time. It is no less than sorcery xD

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    Alfred is a must. You can use your mac just with the keyboard.

    And yes getting used to the ctrl and cmd button comming from linux is a bitch. Having to unlearn years of muscle memory is not easy. Give it some time.
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    Why get used to MacOS when you can slap Ubuntu on that MacBook too. :D
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    Always maximize your windows. If you do not, macOS is just utter shite.
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    Alacritty or iterm. Standard terminal tools and she'll replacements all work as is
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    Karabiner is a must imho to set the keyboard shortcuts to something sane. I'm not unlearning all that muscle memory just because "ooh it's Apple". No time for that crap.

    Oh, and if you need bash in particular, you'll probably want to jump through the hoops needed to upgrade to a vaguely modern version.
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    @AlmondSauce no need to update bash. As ZSH is the standard shell on macos since last year 🙂

    But speaking of the shell. Homebrew packet manager is also an essential for devs.

    and the extension for binaries brew cask
    Homebrew/homebrew-cask: A CLI workflow for the ... - GitHub
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    @heyheni You do if your workflow involves a whole bunch of bash-specific scripts 😉
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