So 10 phonecalls en 6 emails later i’m pretty much done with jobhunting for today i think. Omg, what an insane day this was!

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    It's exhausting isn't it.

    Not having a job and looking for one can be way more hassle than having a job.
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    Just 16?

    My today count should be 70+.
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    I mean I am not undermining you or your efforts. Just echoing the fact that it can be tedious and draining as fuck.

    Only corporate experience I don't have in life is resigning and joining a new company and experiencing the culture.

    Been looking for a job since a year with no success (with 5 months break).

    I wonder what is it like to score a good gig and happily resign from current job and join new one and experience a new cheerful life!!!

    I hope you find a kickass job soon buddy :)
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    @F1973 70? In just one day?

    I’m looking around now since 12-2019. My total amount is higher. I’m looking for vacancies every 2 years :’).
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    @bad-practice 70+ applications in one day.

    Looking since 12-2019? Are you not landing anything or are being picky?

    One year is a lot of time for a dev to not find a job.
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    Mostly not landing. I rejected 1 offer so far
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