I started programming 2 years ago. I didn't know what to do with my life after high school, so I went to an event where you can meet students. I ran across the IT schools section, wearing a GEEK sweater, and almost immediatly, 5 students were right in front of me to talk about their school.
One hour later, I said "yeah why not", even if I didn't know ANYTHING about programming.
One or two weeks later, I took the entrance exam, and one month later I knew that I passed.
I learnt the bases when I entered in Sept. 2014

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    That's really cool. Some communities have tried so hard to be welcoming, in opposition to others. You can read my rant where I briefly mention being discouraged and verbally abused for wanting to learn, denied signing up for classes, and having to come to terms with that being how programming was going to be, and having to keep going despite that, mostly on my own.
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    @Charlaxy I just finished reading it, and I'm very sorry for what you've been through. People can be real jerks when it comes to competition, jealousy... But I'm glad that you now work on projects you love
    Why weren't you allowed to take IT classes ?
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    @elisa In primary school, computer/programming classes were not open to anyone, and I was denied although I already had experience making websites by that time. I don't know why. Teachers told me that I couldn't do it, although I was doing it and could prove it. I always just learned on my own through the internet as a result.
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