Question for audiophiles: I have a bunch of music on old original media (CDs, cassettes, and vinyl). It’s getting increasingly hard and inconvenient to listen to these whenever and wherever I am like I can do with Spotify. Tape players are disappearing along with CD players and turntables. And it’s just not as available everywhere like streaming services.

While I’m in the process of making playlists in Spotify to represent each CD, cassette, and record, I’m finding lots of tracks and even whole albums and artists are not found.

So now I’m trying to figure out how I’m gonna be able to listen to them once I individually digitize each missing track/album. I want to stream rather than download files to individual devices. Ideally I’d have a media server in my house with a gateway to the public Internet and an app on my phone to tap into it.

Is there (still) something like this out there? Some kind of open source streaming solution? What do you do/recommend?

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    Set up a vpn at home and a plex server, similar.
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    Spotify is pretty limited in what it provides. You'll be better being tracks separately and making your own streaming server.
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    @SortOfTested I'm the ultimate Charlie Brown. I got excited and set up Plex on my iMac. Wouldn't you know, I have the wrong model of router. The NetGear Nighthawk R8000 isn't going to work with Plex. https://community.netgear.com/t5/...
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    @iiii I find Tidal many times better than Spotify.

    Only reason I use Spotify is that it has my entire music library and overall for the algorithms and new discovery.

    And lately, the music discovery is more via fellow audiophiles than Spotify (as the algo is going downhill).

    I find Tidal value to my money. Spotify is bloated piece of software which tracks and provides no value to money but 3 ads and countless banner ads.

    Sounds like this deserves a rant in itself (no pun intended).
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    @F1973 if it does not allow to download the files you bought, it's not a good service
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    @iiii Which?

    None of those are purchasing platforms but streaming services.
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    @F1973 any. If it does not allow you to purchase and own copies, it's a bad platform
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    @iiii Subjective. I wouldn't want to have heavy storage when I can stream light.
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    @F1973 and that's why our internets are overloaded and oversaturated.
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    @iiii Fair point.

    However, it is saturated because multiple people are doing same thing and trying to reinvent the wheel instead of improvising what exist.
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    @F1973 I mean everyone is constantly streaming. That is not great. There is some caching, but still.
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    @iiii Why is it not great.

    People who are serious about something will put in extra efforts.

    Like I have a friend who has this plex server and all different gadgets and also streams.

    Once I have enough savings, I am actively working to design and build my music man cave.

    It works that way for every field.
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    @F1973 because bandwidth is not infinite. It's a waste of power and bandwidth to constantly stream everything.
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    @iiii Applies everywhere in life for everything.

    But yes, there's more shit out there than this world can contain.
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    @F1973 I read an article recently about the fact that at some point in the future the number of bits we’ll want to store will exceed the matter available on the planet to store it. https://livescience.com/information...
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    @stackodev How can that be possible?

    Well.. I shouldn't underestimate folks who are inspired by Musk Melon and Iceberg
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    @stackodev we'll find a way to store all that porn and kittens.
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    UPDATE: I finally got Plex to work on my router. It seems I had the ports reversed. Also, you have to keep your router admin screen open in a separate tab for Plex to maintain the remote connection for some weird reason.
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