Family wasn't very supportive of my first choice (Film Directing) and since I live in Latin America and both of my parents come from very poor families, they pushed me to engineering in order to make money and live a better life than they did.

Even though it was not my initial call and they were not very supportive of my first choice, once I started CS they gave me everything I needed to keep on studying.

Overall, I think that for a lot of coders out here from third world countries, we can agree that engineering was not our first call, but it's mostly a way to get out of poverty and into a field that gives you advantages over others.

Shout out third world country ranters!

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    Yaaayyy. I’m kinda of a third world guy(My parents are from Pakistan). great post tho, made me feel enlightened.
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    @FrontEndLove Glad that it resonated with you! I'm sure that my parents and yours can agree on a lot of things. I feel like third world countries are united in a lot of ways in their culture.
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    @llcamp yeaaaa, it makes so much sense
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