me: *spends most of the evening coding his new shitty website*
me: *forgets to go to bed*
Da': "I hope you're not becoming game addicted"

My parents weren't very supportive about it at first because they somehow kept (and still are) linking it to game addictions...
But atleast now they accept that I became a dev because I always felt so empty when I was forced to come out from behind my PC and socialize like a "normal" person and talk about "normal" things.

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    Normal depends on the people you surround yourself with 😂 in my friend group, people are happy to hear about how fast my code is. I don't wanna talk to people who wouldn't be.
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    @Elyz Yea, I don't have much friends that code, and those few that do take it nowhere as serious as I do (I tend to look a lot into new tech and trying to do as much optimizations as I can)...
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