FUCK. So the bog boys get all in a panic about one of our best devs leaving.

They respond to this with 2 things, that I am aware of, 1 is to setup meeting with all the devs to see if they are happy, the other was this message sent to me from our CEO.

"Heya..We've decided to give you a one time thank you bonus.. will be paid at month end .. thank you for everything regards".

Today I find out what that "bonus" was, a nice 8% of my salary. Like HTF is that a "bonus".

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    Better than anything I’d have expected. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    I guess whether or not that’s enough to be considered a “bonus” is how much your base is? 8% of 30k is 2400, 8% of 130k is 10400.

    Unless you mean 8% of your monthly.

    But isn’t anything over your regular salary technically bonus?
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    @AmyShackles monthly, before tax.

    About 0.7% of annual.
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    @RTRMS Oooohhhhh, that’s way less cool.
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    Unless they're asking you to work an extra > 8%, it's a bonus. Wtf were you expecting, what do you think you're a ceo or something?
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    Quick, give the other computer person a 0.7% bonus so he totally wont leave!!1

    And now back to setting up meta-meetings
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    @nibor no, I just run half the companies development and work directly with the CSA, the CTO reports to us.

    Also in my country, bonuses are 1m salary.
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