If every car in the city does have a license plate but this one particular car doesn’t, it’s not anonymous, it’s easily determined as “that one car without a license plate”.

If every request does have a source but only the CIA ones don’t, they are not anonymous because “no source huh, it’s CIA”.

For governmental agencies to be anonymous they need everyone else to be anonymous so they can blend in.

So they created a network. This network called Tor.

But no, tOr iS cReTeD bY cOpS sToP bEiNg a ShEeP

(I know that you theoretically can be tracked even if you use tor, my rant is not about this)

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    what to do?.....

    the people with money have always been the biggest players.
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    @ilechuks73 what do you mean what to do? Use tor. Or don’t use it. The decision is yours.
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    @uyouthe is there an alternative? to access the deep web?
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    @uyouthe I wouldn't Google Tor related stuff 😅

    But luckily it's been proven to be very resilient so let's hope it stays this way 😅
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