My boss just declared that every first Friday of every month would be LAN Party night. We bring our own PC or console or whatever and just play games all night (after work). Boss man will bring food. It's optional of course but god damn this is soooo good

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    Damn you are lucky bro. Anyway how many of them actually play LAN games? 😂
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    One of my previous startups had something like this for last Saturday of the month. They would celebrate the birthdays of everyone for that month buy cutting a big cake followed by some dance games and endless hours of foosball/tt + bear/snacks all around.

    These things are good for keeping up the josh
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    that sounds sick

    I'm imagining playing Terraria with all my boomer colleagues that would be 10/10
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    yo! i would love playing terraria, and im old!
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    My dept/ workplace has been trying to do the same thing by organizing events on slack/ discord (for those hardcore gamers ofc). I’m kinda for it to be honest. Especially right now with social life being slowed down in quarantine.
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