Me: I majored in Computer Science & Engineering
Someone: Are you the eldest son of your parents?
Me: Yes, why? and How did you know?
Someone: Your parents must have forced you to study CSE, right?
Me: No! They never forced me! I chose CSE by myself, because I loved science & technologies
( and a long boring conversation between me and someone, which is not that important )

In my country, usually parents force their children to become something they want ( Though, my mom still says from time to time, "I really wished, one of children to be a Doctor", as my siblings are also not interested to become Doctor :/ ), but my parents never really forced me anything like that, which I'm really thankful for.

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    Tbh it's either CS or probably unemployed. You have purely heavy machinery industries taking up only CS UGs for mechanical jobs.
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    Nobody should be forced for being Doctor, it's not some fun, money-printing job, you need to sacrifice a lot for that
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    In India, parents don't force you, the education system does, they manipulate you and make you believe that there are very few career options, then, even though you make a decision it has already been manipulated
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    hahaha. my parents shower my sister with soo much love and all their attention because she is a medical doctor.
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