2020 seems to be the year of the "dev who has never seen scale."

TypeA -> "Here's a reasoned explanation for a change I think we should make. Here is the current deficiency analysis, here is the desired resolution, here is the course of action and all calculations leading to the resolution + data. This will have x,y,z beneficial result according to our operational metrics."

TypeD -> "Those were words. Why do you need that? Change is bad, learning is worse. This will just slow me down, development speed is all that matters; there is no chance that a poorly considered/factored/checked design could ever require a ground up rewrite or fuck us utterly in the long term. Why do you make my life harder? We could x -> y -> zBUTI haven't done the math and I really don't see the benefit in x, so z is pointless. What even is scale?"

The consequences of the war caused by the ever-widening gap between engineers and developers is low key terrifying.

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    The place I joined a while back had someone with a terrible case of the "oh man why we gotta do that" ... they eventually invited him to move on and my boss took his place and then I came in.

    Version control was... folders on his laptop, and so on.

    Boss man talks to him on his way out and ... like half the reasons for not doing X, Y, Z were problems created by not adopting X, Y, Z.
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    Similar thing at my company:
    boss: We want to use k8s!
    Me: Why? do we have a good reason?
    boss: New is good!
    Me: Okkkkk.

    We now use k8s on single node clusters. And we just hit the 100 pods running on it....
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    Key difference is that was a fashion-based decision made by a know-nothing manager. There was no data or rationale behind it 😋
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    I think the gap between those who measure and those who have god complex will be only increasing.

    The demand for software is still growing exponentially and I don’t see people changing dramatically so knowledge will be disappearing sooner or later.

    Who will teach good manners all of those young horny to make big things, pushed by mindless managers idiots who think they can change the world with for loop ?

    The problem will be when all of those so called ‘good guys’ will pass away or will be expelled by jealous assholes living big complex systems that no one understands why they were build cause there are no successors.
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    Yep, the warhammer future is inevitable.
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    @SortOfTested I think the main problem is as software development hit mainstream is illusion that anybody can do it and that everyone blindly believes in that.
    They don’t want to get into their minds that you need to have certain level of intelligence and math knowledge to understand how to move their “simple” world to virtual space.
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    @vane Oooh oooh! That's totally me!

    Wait. .. that's not good...
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    @N00bPancakes Well imagine there are ~9 billions of people and you want to find < 1% who can do certain things. Pragmatically it’s just easier to lie everyone that anybody can do it and earn big money then go one by one and ask if they’re willing to help.
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    @vane to continue this thread what we didn’t took into consideration is that maybe just maybe those people are not money driven. So they will lose interest and do something else living world with lots of unmaintainable software no one understands.

    That’s what’s slowly happening but blind people don’t see.
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    The unfortunate part of that track, at least at the moment, is they're "losing interest" into management, and just bringing more of themselves into the profession.
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    @SortOfTested I learned hard way to not assume anything as most interesting parts of life are beyond our imagination.
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    I've honestly was always performance conscious but my latest job out is really critical. Working on an Enterprise SaaS platform is a different world and different thinking.
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    Nobody shits the bed quite like enterprise.
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