Drinking alcohol is soo good for my social life because my autopilot is far better with people.
Somehow people can actually really get to know and like me then.
Will this ever change for normal me (22 yo) or should I just keep going out?

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    Well you're only one young so don't waste it being a loser that "LiVeS fOr CoDiNg"
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    Listen to my boy op. Don't be a l337 level moron and have fun with people even if they don't know what you do.
    Shit ain't a lifestyle, but merely a profession
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    Too bad I have the same thing. Cannot get well with people by myself.
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    @AleCx04 Yeah, lots of people feel like it's a lifestyle. My Uni CS course/year has close to a thousand people and yet the social life is quite dead. I have been going out with electrical engineers out of necessity.
    Only thing CS people love here that is fun is board game nights every month which I love too.
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    @RemusWasTaken business majors throw the fuck down
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    @Stuxnet Yeah, those people study in different buildings, so I don't know many of them. It's a shame really. I go to their semester finishing partys tho. It's really fun.
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    So relatable.

    I can actually socialize when I’m tipsy. Not so when I’m sober.
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    @Root I'm pretty buzzed rn so I agree lmfao

    The filter comes off and I pray I don't say anything fucked up that gets me jumped but I'm usually good
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    @Stuxnet usually I say fucked up things while I'm sober. Not so much while tipsy 🤔🤔🤔 how does that work?
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    @iiii well I say fucked up things while sober but my filter helps me keep me from saying them around people I shouldn't say them.

    When I'm buzzed I have to hope I don't say fucked up shit around people who don't get It's just a joke.
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    @Stuxnet This 🙁
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    @Stuxnet for me it's backwards. While tipsy I'm a decent sociable human 😭
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