Sooo win has updated itself (in a short 6 hours) and I was wondering what eats my pocket pc's 4 gb ram, so i checked, and turns out system is eating 40-50% of it and its processor ever since the update... *Sigh* Awesome....

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    Virus ....
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    @FitzSuperUser but... i mean... before the update it was working fine, i have nod 32 and internet firewall, and havent really downloaded anything... But could be, i'll try to check thanks.
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    Trying running updates again too, it may be a virus but I've also heard stories of certain updates not applying/failing and causing a lot of busy resources when they are constantly trying to update again in the background. I had 80% CPU usage all day once because an update was trying to install in the background and just cycling.
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    Try uninstalling updates
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    @Redo there's no reason why cpu should run more then 2-3% after everything is loaded it's possible windows guys put in infinite loop but ain't likely...

    So just gave a quick look

    PS ... Viruses have been known to actually only work properly after an update i.e the version you had couldn't now it can again... Rare ish thou
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    That works like a charm
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    UPDATE(?): The System process was the one causing the 40-50% cpu usage, and when i looked deeper into it turned out to be ntoskrnel.exe.... Which is the kernel... And from what i gathered it is caused by a faulty driver (yay) so i'm going to have to update all drivers to fix said problem.

    Thanks for the help!
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