Have plenty of rants with enough ++ but I haven't requested stickers yet. Because i don't want to put them on something that i will end up throw away anyway. Besides from my gf, there is notting I'm attached to.

In this electronic age i which there was something more useful.
Example :
- email forward for nick@devrant.io
- custom profile fields
- ..

Just don't see the fuss over stickers. Maybe when i was 12 but that's 2 decades ago. But then again. If there were no rewards, it wouldn't really make a difference for me.

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    There you go put them on your gf
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    For 300 you could request a new feature and you would be able to participate in the making of it prehaps?
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    Stickers are for showing off, which sometimes is fun.
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    @gosubinit show off to whom ? i have no life, i have no friends, i have shitloads of stickers on my guitar case but these days that hardly sees the light of day
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    @DarkMukke to show off to yourself if you will. That's a cool and fun digital community you are part of.
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    Then don't get them?
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    @soulevans07 you can request a new feature even without 300 points. You know the new features in the newly released update? Was a request and got implemented almost immediately

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    @uddinstock that's noble, but if you get yours for free, take a picture and post, you will encourage other users to post good stuff and get theirs. Both ways, you help.
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    I think the stickers/stressballs are actually meant as a marketing/promotional/revenue strategy. A customer acquisition cost of <5$ is quite exceptional, plus you get free shipping which encourages you to additionally add something to your order => revenue. Plus, don't underestimate the psychological aspect: If you give something away for free your will instill a sense of guilt or a feeling of owing something to the company => increase in user engagement/revenue. Not a rant at all, just an observation.

    Also, no professional advice here, so I might be talking bullcrap.
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