A long time ago I started a project to make a devRant client with Python and Qt5.

I got far but got bored, or whatever. Was still in school, etc.

I have started from scratch again. Including a nogui mode. Sharing because I actually have made some pretty good progress in the past two days.

Plans: Besides the obvious fully-featured client: full support for plugins, custom themes, custom CLI commands. Multiple logins.

Considering a system that allows you to run a bot, and a bot framework (parsing arguments for you, marking notifs read, etc.)

And yes, it's called qtpy-rant (Pronounced cutie pie rant)

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    How about qt5pydr, pronounced cute spider? Qt5 + Python + DevRant


    Btw I'm looking forward to it, sounds pretty cool. Do post more rants about it to keep us updated on the progress :)
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    @neeno “pydr” is “faggot” in Russian
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    @uyouthe lol
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